BoB Metrimate Breakout Boards

AMP Metrimate connectors were used extensively on Cincinnati CNC systems like the Acramatic 850, 850sx, and 950. The 24 pin version was often used to link servo motor resolvers or quadrature encoders back to the control system RIPT board. The 18 pin were used with to connect resolvers to SAM and DSI boards. Metrimate connectors have the advantage of being relatively large and therefore easier to probe. But if you need a way to disconnect and reconnect one of more signals, you are in for a challenge. If you regularly work with these connectors, BoB-MM can quickly pay for itself in saved time and aggravation.

Metrimate BoBs make it easy to probe every signal on the 18 and 24 pin connectors. You can also easily interrupt one or more signals for diagnostic purposes, or even use jumper wires to cross-connect signals.

Honda MR-20 BoB Board
BoB-MM24 placeholder image – not the actual PCB

Note about connectors

On the Cincinnati Acramatic 850, SAM and DSI boards have a sheet metal box around the MM-18 connectors. You may have to remove this to attach a BoB.

Metrimate BoBs

We currently offer the following BoBs with Metrimate connectors:

‘A’ end‘B’ endTypical UseOrder number
MM-24 female (on back) MM-24 male (on front)Cincinnati 850sx resolversBoB-MM24Contact Us for a quote
MM-18 female (on back)MM-18 male (on front)Cincinnati 850 encodersBoB-MM18 Contact Us for a quote
RTA=right angle

Other Metrimate BoBs

Other sizes of Metrimate connectors were used by Cincinnati, such as 12 pin (3 x 4) for Manual Pulse Generators (MPGs), probe inputs, and DC power. We don’t see much demand for BoBs for them. Let us know if you feel differently.

And a bit about latches…

Metrimate connectors have a snap-fit latching system that works moderately well with the BoBs. Please expect that you may need to improvise a temporary way to hold them in place in certain cases. It will keep you on your toes.

That’s not what I need!

If we don’t list the BoB you need, we often turn new designs in 1-2 weeks. Just get in touch with details of what you need.