For years we have been using the NXP FRDM-K64F evaluation board as a starting point for microcontroller projects. This inexpensive board is packed with features and enable us to concentrate on other aspects of the design, and not basic parts like memory and ethernet.

FRDM-K64F has one major shortcoming: it doesn’t give access to all pins of the K64 processor. There are features you pay for and cannot use! They also used the 100 pin package of the K64; a 144 pin package has even more peripherals available.

We therefore created our own improved version of the board, accessing every useful pin of the 144 package K64 microcontroller chip, retaining 10/100baseT ethernet and USB bootstrapping, but stripping out less useful stuff like the accelerometer and (marginally-useful) on-board debugger…

K64-core144 is born

We call the result K64-core144. The board uses low-cost stacking connectors and is typically placed face down on a motherboard, helping protect its components but still showing status LEDs.

Using K64-core144 gives us an easy migration path to upgrade the processor core of our CNC interface boards. If we want higher speed ethernet, fiber optic networking, a CAN bus version, or a faster processor or more memory, it’s now easy to do.

K64-core144 is mainly intended for our own applications, but if you’ve been using FRDM-K64F and are frustrated by its lack of access to all the K64 peripherals, we can sell modest quantities of the board for your development purposes. Get in touch.


  • 32-bit ARM processor at 120MHz
  • 1MB Flash memory
  • 10/100-baseT ethernet (8081)
  • USB port capable of bootstrap programming
  • Access to all important processor pins!
  • Connectors and mounting holes on standard 0.1″ (2.54mm) grid
  • Uses low-cost stacking connectors
  • External power connector (development option)
  • Standard 10-pin ICD debug header
  • +5Vdc supply (3.3V regulator on-board)

Don’t see what you need?

Let us know if there is a related product you need and don’t see. We often turn new designs based on existing projects in only a few weeks.