Breakout Boards

Getting access to control signals in CNC systems can be a real pain. We know, we do it daily! Whether probing with an oscilloscope or meter or attempting to disconnect and reconnect a signal, today’s shrinking connectors make it a real challenge.

To make troubleshooting easier, we offer “BoB” BreakOut Boards, allowing you to quickly and reliably probe signals on a variety of connectors. BoBs also allow you to easily interrupt signals for debugging purposes!

Lineup of BoB boards

BoBs are available with a variety of connectors and more are regularly added…

ConnectorsBoB FamilyTypical Applications
Honda MR-20BoB-MRServo Drives, encoders, and controls of Fanuc 6, Fanuc 11, Yasnac MX-3;
3M and Hirose “MDR” Mini D Ribbon, 20 pinBoB-MDRMitsubishi Servo Drives
9 15 15HD 25
BoB-DSUBGeneric serial ports, Encoders, Resolvers, LVDTs, Inductosyns, digital I/O, servo control
AMP Metrimate, 18 and 24 pins(contact us)Cincinnati Acramatic 850sx, 850, 950 controls; servo drives, encoders, resolvers
DSUB 9 15 25 37 to Push TerminalBoB-PTFAR-25 or any DSUB application

…and more are in the works!

Don’t see what you need?

Let us know if there is a BoB product you need and don’t see listed. We can often turn new designs in only 1-2 weeks.