Acramatic 850 Retrofits

We support a number of clients with Cincinnati Acramatic 850 control systems, which are definitely near end-of-life… maybe a bit beyond it.

In 2022 we are working on a clean solution for retrofitting these controls using LinuxCNC.

Motion interface

Our new FAR-25 control interface connects to quadrature encoders, axis servos, and a spindle, plus provides some local I/O.

While not designed specifically for direct-plugin replacement for the A850, it’s a pretty easy substitute, especially using the wiring adapters discussed below.

FAR-25 Ethernet control interface

I/O Rack

Our ADD-A850 board communicates with the Acramatic 850 I/O rack. It plugs into the left slot of the rack and connects to the control interface board (e.g. FAR-25) using a high-speed serial link.

ADD-A850 prototypes with fancy laser-cut sheet metal!

Connectors too?

Because Acramatic 850 uses Metrimate connectors, which are expensive and pretty much obsolete, we came up with a simple way to eliminate them. Our new BoB PT boards allow you to terminate your existing cabling onto the FAR-25 control interface, with no soldering.

Chop off the old ends, strip the wires, poke into the new blocks (it is best if you connect them in the right places!), and off you go.

If you like, you can remote mount the BoB PT boards on a panel using standoffs and run short ribbon cables to FAR-25 for a neat layout.

BoB PT series terminate onto DSUB connectors with no soldering

Lab testing of prototypes is under way and we hope to have this board combination beta testing in machines in May 2022.