YCX-3: Yasnac MX3/LX3 retrofit

A while back we built prototypes of our YCX-3 Yasnac interface, which is a plug-in replacement for Yasnac (Yaskawa) MX-3 and LX-3 controls. Then came a pandemic and spoiled the party.

YCX-3 prototype - a Yasnac MX3/LX3 interface
YCX-3 prototype – a Yasnac MX3/LX3 interface

As of early 2022, we have a major supply chain issue with parts for this project. Lead times are in excess of one year. For that reason, although we continue working with prototypes, we can’t put anything into production. Even a major redesign to change to a different chip brand or family wouldn’t really help; essentially none of the powerful microcontrollers out there are currently available to small purchasers. Incredibly frustrating!

When we can get these chips again, we will revise the boards, relocating connectors to be more compatible with the original Yasnac layout. We will make a few other changes, but 90% of the board has worked out as expected, and we’ve been running servo systems on the bench with them for months.

In 2020 we acquired a Hyundai lathe with Yasnac LX-3 controls as one testbed for the YCX-3. We also have access to a Matsuura MC510-V VMC with MX-3 control which will be used for testing.

First power up of YCX-3
First power up of YCX-3

If other Yasnac users are interested in interface hardware to support modernization to LinuxCNC or a similar control using ethernet, please complete our Controls Survey or contact us.