BoB MDR-20 Breakout Boards

MDR (mini D ribbon) connectors from 3M and Hirose are used on Mitsubishi servo drives like MR-J2S and MR-J4.

The 20 pin connector is most common. It resembles a small version of the old Centronics ‘parallel port’ connector once used on PCs. These connectors have an 0.050″ pitch, so they are pretty hard to probe and very easy to damage if you try.

MDR-20 BoB make it easy to probe every signal on these tiny connectors. You can also easily interrupt one or more signals for diagnostic purposes, or even cross-connect interrupted signals.

Note about latches

The MDR connector latching system is not designed for board-to-board connection. Please expect that you will not always be able to latch connectors during debugging and may need to improvise a temporary way to hold them in place, or even remove latch parts. Life is full of challenges.

MDR-20 BoB

We currently offer the following BoB with the 3M MDR connectors:

‘A’ end‘B’ endTypical UseOrder numberBuy
MDR-20 male RTAMDR-20 female RTAMitsubishi servo drivesBoB-MDR20Contact Us for a quote

Note: Switch board ends if you need the opposite connector gender configuration.

Not even close!

If we don’t list the BoB you need, we often turn new designs in 1-2 weeks. Just get in touch with details of what you need.