New Stuff 2022

Plenty of new projects are in the works in 2022.

We are testing our new FAR-25 control interface, which is a general-purpose CNC interface, but also direct plug-replacement for Fagor 8025 and 8030 controls.

FAR-25 ethernet CNC interface

For Acramatic 850 applications, ADD-A850 is a new interface board which connects an Acramatic I/O rack to our FAR-25 and other controls. We may also offer a generic interface version with Modbus 485 to LinuxCNC.

ADD-A850 Acramatic interface

We’ve added a variety of BoB projects… BoB PT boards allow solderless termination onto DSUB connectors, very useful with FAR-25… and some new BoB-Centroid products may be useful for Oak users.


Of course we are always looking for new ideas, so get in touch if there is something you’d like to see.

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