This is a new project for Cincinnati Acramatic 850 control systems.

In early 2022 we built prototype boards for the ADD-A850 project, and are currently testing and refining software. So far things are going really well!

The primary purpose of this board is to connect the Acramatic 850 I/O rack onto a serial link. The serial link can then connect to our FAR-25 as well as other controllers. A generic Modbus-485 version to connect to LinuxCNC (without one of our control interfaces) is also possible.

This board is also designed as a platform to interface to several other I/O boards of interest; more details to come.

ADD-A850 prototypes with fancy laser-cut sheet metal!

This interface project uses a more modest microprocessor chip than our control-interface projects (but still a powerful ARM Cortex M4). We bought a reasonable stock of them which we hope will cover foreseeable needs.

More details soon!