BoB Honda MR-20 Breakout Boards

Honda MR connectors are possibly the most widely connectors on CNC systems! They are used on Fanuc 6, 11, 15, and a little on newer 16i/18i/21i systems as well. Yasnac used them on the i80, MX-3/LX-3, MX-2/LX-2 and others. Some Mazak and Mazatrol units use them. The 20 pin versions often connect controls to servo drives (Fanuc “velocity units”) and encoders back to the controls. 50 pin type are often used for I/O signals. Honda connectors are not the easiest thing to buy, so coming up with a way to probe these signals can be a challenge.

Our Honda MR BoBs make it easy to probe every signal on the connectors. You can also easily interrupt one or more signals for diagnostic purposes, or even use jumper wires to cross-connect signals.

Honda MR-20 BoB Board
BoB-MR20 shown

Note about connectors

In Fanuc and Yasnac servo systems, there usually is not much clearance to fit a BoB below a servo or spindle drive. In that case, BoB-MR20s (with the s at the end) is usually the easiest to use; it will fit at right angles to the drive.

For encoders which go onto a Fanuc 6 mainboard, or onto the edge of an encoder board (e.g. Fanuc 15), BoB-MR20 is usually the ticket.

MR-20 BoBs

We currently offer the following BoBs with Honda MR connectors:

‘A’ end‘B’ endTypical UseOrder numberBuy
MR-20 female RTAMR-20 male RTAFanuc main board (encoders); Yasnac controls; some Mazak controlsBoB-MR20Contact Us for a quote
MR-20 female straightMR-20 male straightFanuc M servo drives; Yasnac CACR drivesBoB-MR20s *
RTA=right angle* not yet available

MR-50 BoBs

The larger Honda connector BoBs aren’t here yet. Hang in there; Friday’s coming.

And a bit about latches…

The Honda connector latching system is not designed for board-board connections, and some flavors of connectors are a pain to source. Please expect that you will not always be able to latch connectors during debugging and may need to improvise a temporary way to hold them in place. Consider it a challenge to your ingenuity.

That’s not what I need!

If we don’t list the BoB you need, we often turn new designs in 1-2 weeks. Just get in touch with details of what you need.