Fanuc 6

We are often contacted about Fanuc 6M and 6T retrofit solutions. It’s something we’ve worked on, but for various reasons we haven’t completed a project for this control yet.

We started a design we named F62MT that would substitute for Fanuc 6M, 6T and 6MB and 6MT controls and the I/O board. Before we ordered prototypes, we had to relocate our test machine, and then we decided we didn’t like that approach. Sometimes that happens.

F62MT board undergoing layout

3D rendering of F62MT board


If you’re interested in a Fanuc 6 retrofit, we would appreciate if you would Contact us and let us know about requirements for your project.

The more we know about what people need, the more likely we can effective fill that need. Thank you!

Fanuc 6MB test machine, a large horizontal machining center (HMC)
Our Fanuc 6MB test machine.