Yasnac i80 CNC controller

We are frequent and enthusiastic users of Yaskawa VFD motor drives, but we haven’t worked with the Yasnac/Yaskawa CNC controls… We’ve heard good things about their quality.

The Yasnac i80 is probably the best candidate for us to support, and we are in preliminary discussions with a Kitamura owner interested in an i80 upgrade. We’ve looked into the JANCD-FC800 I/O module and JANCD-FC903 operator panel interface used in i80 systems; we could support these pretty easily by adapting technology from our M2MT (Cincinnati 850) and F62MT (Fanuc 6) projects.

If other Yasnac users are interested in interface hardware to support modernization to LinuxCNC or a similar control using ethernet, please complete our Controls Survey or contact us.