Chip Shortage Having Major Impact

You have probably heard about shortages of electronic parts, particularly integrated circuits (ICs), mainly because it has impacted new car production and even shut down assembly lines.

We are being impacted too. Delivery of the main microprocessor we use is currently over 40 weeks. The ethernet chip we use is about one year. One voltage reference we like is 71 weeks! Some parts don’t even have a delivery date available. In 40+ years working in electronics, we have never seen anything nearly so bad.

We can substitute for some parts, but ones like the microprocessor and ethernet chip don’t offer us many options.

We are continuing work on product development. We recently ordered small quantities of some ICs direct from China, but we do not know when they will arrive or if they will even be good parts (counterfeiting in electronics is not unheard of, especially now).

The bottom line is, we just have no idea when we might have products in sufficient quantities to sell.

Sorry. The world is kind of a mess.