Fanuc 6

UPDATE: We started work on our F62MT and got most of the way through layout, but placed things on hold as we had to relocate our Fanuc 6 test machine. It’s a rather big machine, so that ended up taking a while. We hope to get back on the Fanuc 6 in early 2021.

F62MT: Fanuc 6 to Modbus TCP

F62MT allows Fanuc 6M, 6T and 6MB and 6MT users to change out their machine’s I/O board with a modern design that is trivial to integrate with LinuxCNC!

F62MT board undergoing layout

3D rendering of F62MT board undergoing layout

F62MT will:

  • directly plug in place of Fanuc A20B-0008-540/01A input/output module (or “connection unit” in Fanuc-speak)
  • replace obsolete and failure-prone reed-relays with solid-state switching for higher durability
  • replace obsolete and expensive Fanuc hybrid input modules with higher-reliability input devices
  • connect via Modbus TCP (ethernet) to any PC with an ethernet port running LinuxCNC
  • add an MPG (manual pulse generator) interface with related digital I/O signals
  • offer an economical expander board to double the number of I/O points to support larger machines

Let’s face it… retrofit wiring time is expensive and tedious!

  • If you are retrofitting a Fanuc 6 machine to LinuxCNC, the F62MT will save you a ton of wiring and debugging time.
  • Gives you a cost-effective and higher-reliability I/O solution.
  • Makes integration into LinuxCNC as simple as editing a few text files to link signal names!

F62MT offers:

  • 96 inputs — 52 outputs — 12 opto outputs
    • 96 digital inputs for 24Vdc
      (first 8 configurable as source/sink)
    • 52 solid state low-side-switch outputs for 24Vdc
    • 12 optocoupler outputs
      (typically for Fanuc spindle speed signals)

F62MT requires:

  • 24V dc power supply
  • a dedicated 10/100baseT ethernet network (the network must be insular and cannot be shared with anything but devices dedicated to control of one machine)

If you’re interested in a Fanuc 6 retrofit, Contact us to discuss availability of the F62MT for your project!

Fanuc 6MB test machine, a large horizontal machining center (HMC)
Our Fanuc 6MB test machine, before installation.